Pump track Dome

Pump track Dome

On your bike all year round

The Pump Track at the Il Ciocco Estate is a compelling 200-metre circuit designed for both expert bikers and beginners, where the main action is to “pump”, to learn the course to follow without having to pedal. It is the largest indoor pump track in Italy, a modular fibreglass structure comprised of bumps and hairpin bends.

A track where you can train, put yourself to the test or simply have fun with Strider and BMX bikes.

Since it is an indoor track, it is ideal for training even in poor weather conditions

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Phone.  +39 0583719731


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A track full of turns, bumps and hairpin bends
the goal is to complete the circuit by moving just your body, without pedalling!


Pump Battle

A real challenge for the best bikers, with knockout phases divided into categories. A new event format full of surprises and engaging features.



permitted vehicles

you must

  • wear a helmet
  • wear elbow pads
  • wear knee pads
  • wear wrist pads
you must not

  • walk or stand on the track
  • use motorised vehicles

The use of games and equipment by minors is the responsibility of their guardians. The ope-rator disclaims any liability for the misuse of games and equipment

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