Bike Services

Bike Services


Pump Track

Pump Track With own bike Daily 5,00 €
With bike rental Daily 15,00 €
  Monthly ticket 40,00 €

Il Ciocco is home to the largest indoor pump track area in Italy: 3 tracks for a total of 200 metres. Ideal for organising entertainment activities and events throughout the year.

Bike Shuttle

Bike Shuttle Reservation required 1 uplift 5,00 €
Half day 20,00 €
Full day 35,00 €

How do you tackle the climbs to get to the trails? With the Ciocco Bike Shuttle (available on request).

Protection gear

Protection gear Elbow pads Half day 3,00 €
Full day 5,00 €
Knee pads Half day 3,00 €
Full day 5,00 €
Helmet Half day 5,00 €
Full day 10,00 €

Other services

Other services Showers and changing room (location: gym) 5,00 €
Bike Wash complimentary
Bike Mechanic Workshop 5,00 €

Among the services available to our guests is a workshop with all the 'tools of the trade' needed to repair or adjust your bike.

Bike rental

Bike rental MTB Half day 15,00 €
Full day 30,00 €
  40,00 €

A wide range of bicycles are available for rental, to satisfy every type of request. In addition, protective gear and personalised 'Ciocco Bike Circle' technical clothing are also available to our guests.


Guide Excursion with guide 1 hour 30,00 €

Locanda Alla Posta Restaurant

Locanda Alla Posta 10% discount on the à la carte menu 10 %
Ciocco Bike Circle menu (selection of appetizers + 1 first course + water) 15,00 €

Immersed in the greenery of the Living Mountain, the Locanda Alla Posta offers traditional Tuscan dishes and menus dedicated to our bikers. Maximum attention is paid to the quality of the ingredients and to the local produce and wines.


  • Cross Country
  • Enduro
  • Downhill


Further information

The Bike Park is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm; EVERY DAY IN AUGUST, from 10am to 6pm.

Please book rentals with sufficient notice. Protection gear and service costs are included in the price of MTBs, E-Bikes and Pump Track rentals. Any damage to bicycles or equipment will be charged to the guest. Personalised packages and proposals, for individuals and groups, are available.

Bike pick-ups and drop-offs are at the Ciocco Bike Circle office, located adjacent to the Pump Track.

Ride School


Basic MTB course - 1 day

Course programme

Time Where About
9:00 > 13:00 Pump Track
  • Bike positioning: the correct body position to maintain on the bike so as to always be safe and/or 'on the attack at the time'.
  • Braking: the correct way to brake (body positioning, brake dosage); understanding the exact moment to brake in the presence of an obstacle or curve.
  • Basic cornering technique: how to corner on your MTB without leaning, using the body to grip the bike and the eyes to keep the right trajectory.
  • Bunny hop: didactic progression of a series of exercises preparatory to the realisation of the athletic gesture of the bunny hop.
13:00 > 14:00 Locanda Alla Posta Lunch
14:00 > 17:30 Flow Trail
  • Reading the terrain: learning to read the trail in order to take advantage of it in terms of safety and race time. Choice of trajectory: understanding in various situations (obstacles, curves, rock gardens etc.) what is the most suitable trajectory according to our needs and abilities.
  • Banked bends: learning how to tackle (and exploit) a banked bend in terms of speed and flow.
  • Jumps (basic technique): how to handle small drops or boulders with the right technique.

Bike Shuttle available to bring you from one point to another on the trail 

17:30 > 18:00 Locanda Alla Posta Aperitif and awarding of the certificate of participation



We will set the date of the course after having taken into account the needs of the participants.

More information:

50€ per person and includes the following services:‚Äč

  • Driving Course
  • Lunch at the Locanda Alla Posta, with Ciocco Bike Circle menu
  • Aperitif and certificate of participation
  • Changing rooms and showers
  • Bike wash
  • Use of the Pump Track
  • Bike Shuttle (if requested)

Bike rental is not included (the cost of the full day rental is 40€). Registration can be paid directly on the day of the course at the Ciocco Bike Circle offices located above the Locanda Alla Posta.


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