Ciocco Bike History

Bicycles have always been the stars of Ciocco's history.

Noteworthy events of the last century include the passage of the 58th Giro d'Italia in 1975 with Fausto Bertoglio's victory, who also won the entire competition.
Ciocco was then the venue in 1991 for the first Mountain Bike World Championship in Italy and Europe with the Cross-Country and Downhill disciplines. 

In 2019 it hosted the European and World Trial Championships, a spectacular discipline that captivated the guests who came to watch the event.

Nowadays, the Ciocco Bike Circle continues each year to host high-level competitions, both national and international, continuing to keep alive the tradition of two-wheel racing at Ciocco.


Trial is a sport whose objective is to pass through a course with obstacles without placing your feet on the ground and with minimal physical contact with the ground

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